Geological study of Putalibazar Municipality, Syangja

Conducting an in-depth geological study of Putalibazar Municipality in Syangja, we aim to uncover valuable insights about its geological composition, land formations, and potential resources. This study contributes to informed urban planning and resource management.

Exploration of Iron at Baitadi.

Collaborating with Shubham Minerals Pvt. Ltd., we are engaged in a comprehensive exploration project for iron ore (magnetite) in Sigas Municipality, Baitadi. Our specialized geophysical and geological techniques are employed to assess the quality and quantity of this vital resource.

Exploration of Copper ore in Khanikhola, Kavre

With a focus on sustainable resource utilization, we are conducting an exploration initiative to uncover copper ore deposits in Khanikhola, Kavre. Through advanced geological techniques, we aim to contribute to the identification and responsible extraction of this essential metal.

Geophysical investigation of Zinc ore in Marma, Darchula

Our company is dedicated to carrying out precise geophysical investigations in Marma, Darchula, with the aim of identifying and assessing potential zinc ore deposits. This project supports sustainable resource development and aligns with our commitment to technical excellence.

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