Empowering Nepalese Industries through Expertise and Innovation

Marakat Consult

About Us​

Empowering Nepalese Industries through Expertise and Innovation

Established in 2020, Marakat Consult Pvt. Ltd. is a dynamic and forward-thinking consulting company that specializes in a diverse range of sectors including metallic and non-metallic mineral extraction, building constructions, engineering activities, and related technical consultancy. With a robust commitment to excellence and a proven track record, we have swiftly emerged as a leading name in the consulting landscape.

A Comprehensive Range of Services

At Marakat Consult Pvt. Ltd., we take pride in offering an extensive array of services to cater to diverse industry requirements. Our core offerings include:

Geophysical and Geological Services

Expertise in geophysical exploration, geological mapping, and hydrogeology. Unearthing insights for resource optimization and sustainable growth.

Consulting for Mining Activities

Guiding clients from licenses to permits, disaster assessments to hydropower consulting, ensuring holistic mineral extraction.

Engineering Consulting

Excellence in investigation, testing, planning, and design. Driving sustainable growth and project success.

Geo-technical Investigations

Ensuring project stability through soil testing, rock analysis, and thorough assessment, laying a strong foundation.

In a brief period, we’ve achieved diverse feats, from geophysical mineral exploration to hydropower and groundwater studies. Our clients range from national to international sectors, showcasing our adaptability and expertise.

A Supportive Ally

Our Recent Projects

Geological Study – Syangja:

Through an in-depth geological study, we’re revealing insights about Putalibazar Municipality’s geological makeup and potential resources, aiding informed urban planning and resource management.

Iron Exploration – Baitadi

Partnering with Shubham Minerals Pvt. Ltd., our advanced geophysical and geological techniques assess quality and quantity of iron ore (magnetite) in Sigas Municipality, Baitadi, ensuring responsible resource extraction.

Copper Exploration – Kavre

Employing sustainable techniques, we’re uncovering copper ore deposits in Khanikhola, Kavre, to support responsible metal extraction and contribute to sustainable resource utilization.

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